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November 18, 2011 11:31pm CST
Well I failed one of my classes which caused my funding to stop, now I'm kicked out until I pay the $3600 they say I now owe. HELP! What am I to do? Where can I get funding?
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21 Nov 11
I would coanact the Dean of Students as fast as you can. Probably you are not the first person in this problem and there may be a way out. Good luck.
@Rosa26 (2620)
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19 Nov 11
Wow that is the same concern of my husband because he is no doing well on Math and he have never had problems with any subject,and he always have being an "A" student but I really think that he will pass the class, he told that if he fail the class he will have to thousands of dollars,so he keep studing and going to the bed at thwo in the morning because he is doing his homework,I know he will pass. Maybe you can ask for a loan to a bank,to pay the money so you can continue studing.