A question to parents

November 19, 2011 1:14am CST
What do you like most about your son/daughter? Well, at time we could help ourselves but feel proud about them and their achievements
5 responses
@mirby25 (26)
• Philippines
21 Nov 11
My son is still young he is just two weeks old. But someday, whatever achievements my son will have I will show him and tell him how proud I am. Having him is the greatest achievement I can have.
@wulania (1528)
• Indonesia
19 Nov 11
i have no son or daughter, but i am waiting for my first baby. i am tacher of primary school grade two. what i like most from my students are they so noisy and funny, pure, no lying, no cheating, always be happy and having normal life. no hipocrisy
• Saudi Arabia
19 Nov 11
I have two sons and I am proud of them in different ways. My first son is very meek and does not keep malice while my second son although still young, is very strong willed. They are both smart and intelligent.
@khithi17 (762)
• Philippines
19 Nov 11
Well, my son is only 3 years old and I am really very proud of him in a lot of ways. I even kind of brag about him when I'm with my friends. I mean, there's really a lot of things that I can be proud about him. He's so smart, he knows how to hadle things on his own. He is very independent but very sweet. At the age of 3 he already knows how to make me smile. But what I love most about him is the very obvious fact that he really loves me and he makes me feel needed and important. He never fails to make my day.
@mensab (4206)
• Philippines
19 Nov 11
our children are our jewels in our lives. with them, we feel fulfilled. their failures are ours as their victories are ours too. what we can do is to guide in their chosen path for their careers. there must be some sense of pride in us to the way we brought up our children.