Would you consider myLot your most visited website while online?

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United States
November 19, 2011 1:57pm CST
I used to be on the internet 24/7 watching videos on Youtube, checking my email and social networking, and just finding any means to earn online and now I can say I use myLot almost exclusively. If I'm online, chances are I'm either playing xbox 360 or myLotting to boost my reputation, topic regulation, and earnings! What about you? Are you a super active myLotter, to the point where this may be your #1 used website? (If not my number one, myLot has to be in the top 3 websites I use right now. I don't even use Facebook or Twitter any more because myLot serves as my social networking too!)
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• India
20 Nov 11
Earlier I used to log in my Facebook account as soon as I come from my college. I used to be online for hours, since I got bored of Facebook I started finding some legit websites to earn some money. I finally found MyLot and I mostly be online for 2 hours on MyLot. Of Course it's my most visited website when I open my laptop. I am getting addicted to MyLot now! Happy MyLotting!!!
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• United States
21 Nov 11
It's so cool to see I'm the not the only one seriously in tune with myLot and it's earnings system! Continue to earn and be active in discussions! :)