If you have ever been a victim of this fight it with me

November 19, 2011 4:37pm CST
I just can't understand any woman who will stay with and put up with being treated like they are trash and beaten for not being more like his Mother was or whatever other crap they come up with to beat a woman about too. I have personally been around men who want you too work your but off and hand over all of your money to them so they keep all control. Other men may not do this but abuse in other ways too, like telling you that nobody else will ever love you and you are stupid,or ugly. I was beaten simply because the guy I was with was so drunk he thought I was one of hid buddy's who he also liked to beat up on too. I mean to the point where you are black and blue with teeth missing and broken bones this was how crazy he was. He hit me twice and that was way too much for me I told him he hit the wrong person this time and made sure a few people very close to us all knew what he had done even his place of work too. If I had to suffer so should he too. I don't think he is still working anyway since he was dying of pancrus Cancer then and was much older than me too. He was delusional and paranoid all of the time too I stayed with him much too long I think. You have to take back control of your life again and remember just how great and wonderful person you are. Not what such a nasty and sick person would have for you to believe of you. If you know of somebody who is suffering in silence this way, speak out call the police if this person can't help herself help her to do it. This is such a very unhealthy way to live in many different ways take it from somebody who knows first hand too. I am still raw and full of anger at times with myself with him, so many things. Even therapy and meds. has done little to help but has helped somewhat. I don't trust any men now and am left brokenhearted and still very bitter even today from this situation and a few other bad one's of mine too. Thanks,A.B.
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@boyuancy (1709)
• India
20 Nov 11
I'm really sorry amy. Going through some of your discussions all of mostly on the topic of physical and emotional abuse, I feel sorry for you. You should have complained to the police in the first place. Raising a hand at a lady is wrong, drunk or not. Also I know most people will not as they are in love (I guess that's what stopped you). The ones who are married will take the abuse and torture just for the sake of their marriage and kids. I have known and read so many stories of women dying of physical abuse. PTS can be hard to deal with. But you will learn to deal with and and WILL find a good guy. Coz not all guys are like this, a minority of gentlemen are still left in the world, who will treat a lady as they shod be. Hope it works out for you. All the best.
22 Nov 11
Thanks boyuancy. Don't be so sorry as writing and sharing in this wonderful community is a good form of therapy for me I know I am letting the world know and no longer silent this is so awesome for me. I do have some hope left surprising even to me that there are nicer men out there too who would treat me like a Lady more. I hope it is not too much of a minority though so that we can find one another one day. Thanks,A.B.
@mr_pearl (5037)
• India
19 Nov 11
Good God... does this happen in this era??? Lord help the victims.. I would help, if I could... I have not encountered domestic violance between couples so much... I personally have taken a lot of beatings by my parents and as a kid, I thought, it was my mistake only... What I didn't understand was they were being too strict to me... Domestic violance should be avoided and fought against... :)
22 Nov 11
Thanks,mr_pearl. Yes, this does still happen in this era too unfortunately, the big mistake so many people make is thinking that it just can't and that makes it all the easier for the violent person to keep someone as there victim longer without anyone catching on to it at all too. I was very lucky to not have had this from my parents at all but I did know of others who did too growing up as a kid. There are violent people around in every time period I think it is too bad but some think they really must control each situation. Thanks, A.B.