Bones Rerun with an Error

@stealthy (8188)
United States
November 19, 2011 10:54pm CST
I just watched a Bones rerun, the one where Booth's girlfriend was shot in the leg. The case that Bones and Booth were working on came down to Bones discovering that the killer left fingerprints of their left hand on some plastic that the body had been dumped under. They had two suspects and put them in a room with the air conditioning turned so that it would get dry and they would have to take a drink of water from the glasses placed in front of them. The problem is that they used the right hand to take the drink and left hand and right hand fingerprints are not the same. So there was an error in the writing since this would not show who did it.
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@monkmano (586)
• Canada
25 Jul 12
tha is very observant of you, may i say it was even stealthy... i apologize for my terrible humour. i wouldnt have thought of this or looked for it, so i guess the writers wouldnt either since they arent really forensic experts. im wondering was his girlfriend hannah who got shot in the leg, and then bones saved her life by telling the doctor she needed surgery.?
• Philippines
5 Mar 12
I've noticed this too. Although at that time, I thought that maybe the left palm print could be matched or in some way identical to the right palm print. I have seen a few mistakes in Bones as well but as the others have said. it's more on the continuity mistake since they don't film everything in order. There was also this episode in Bones, although I couldn't remember which episode, but it was the scene where Booth and Brennan hugged and at that point, two scenes were being shown where Brennan was on Booth's left shoulder while showing Brennan's face, and alternately with Brennan on Booth's right shoulder while showing that of Booth's face.
@MsTickle (24994)
• Australia
26 Nov 11
Wow, fancy you noticing...that's so perceptive of you. I would never in a million years notice something like that. I'm impressed.
@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
20 Nov 11
That is an error in continuity rather then in writing, when they were filming it they probably forgot to check that the actor was using the correct hand to hold the cup. These errors happen a lot as they do not film in sequence and there are often edits to the script and at times you can see little mistakes - cups changing hands in split seconds, shirts going form unbuttoned to buttoned in a blink of an eye, there are several sites in which people show mistakes in shows and movies. This is a serious mistake though because it actually is part of the plot, it had to be the left hand. You are right about the prints and if this was a law show the lawyer would stand before the judge and have the case thrown out because of it, but procedural police shows they always get their criminal, even on the smallest piece of evidence.