November 20, 2011 5:28am CST
i wear dresses,skirts too just like a typical woman..but my personality is a bit boyish . i talk about car models,action, movies, rock music and sometimes i move like a boy.. before (not to brag) i knew others in school got a crush on me and i received unknown texts and sometimes presents too =).. but i am just wondering if being boyish makes you more attractive or not..?
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@francesca5 (1344)
20 Nov 11
we all are attracted to and attractive to different types of people, which is just as well really. so you will be very attractive to some types of men and less so to others, it may well be that because you do not fit in with the normal female stereotype that we have had imposed on us, you don't attract men just trying it on with you, but that seems to me like a good thing. you only have to chose from the ones who are genuinely attracted to you rather than the ones who just see women as a trophy! i find now, though i didn't realise it when i was younger, that there is a certain type of curly haired man that finds me attractive, not all of them by any means, but some, whereas most of the others don't. but i don't mind at all as the ones i find attractive are the ones i am attracted to, and that saves an awful lot of time!