Elevator Shoes

November 20, 2011 8:14am CST
Friends. Elevator shoes are the in thing here lately... aside from the sexy gladiator sandals. Why do i feel like it is so hard to walk using them? Why do i feel like i would trip on them? Do you have elevator shoes? How does it feel wearing them? Is it heavy on the legs?
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
22 Feb 12
Ah, spoken like a youngster...."elevator shoes" were originate in the early-mid 1970's. The men wore them more than women at first. Geez, I remember those 2-4 soles with a heel to match on the men! At the time...most thought that was the coolest, I never cared to much for them but short men loved them! Then "platforms" came into style for women to compete! I wore them! I loved them! They are now back in style and on the shoe racks and they are beautiful and gorgous and fun...but at over 50 now... I just don't think I should be wearing them now! I had my day..loved my day, but time to let it all go now! I just look and fondly remember!
@toniganzon (53392)
• Philippines
8 Dec 11
Though compared to western people my height is short, i get a lot of compliments from people around here that i'm tall or average. So i feel awkward wearing high heeled shoes much more elevator shoes. I have some wedges that's about 3 inches tall and i rarely get to use them. I got no trouble wearing them as they are not heavy and they're better than stilettos.
• Philippines
25 Nov 11
I've used elevator shoes before. They are not so hard to wear.Stilettos are the ones giving me the goosebumps but that was before now I'm more into sexy shoes. For fashion ideas you can visit www.lifo.com. It is an online home for information and comment on girls' interests whether it be the latest Hollywood gossip or tips on the trendiest fashion.
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
22 Nov 11
hi gracee, i have not tried elevator shoes lately except when i was a teenager. i can only remember that those shoes were light and was almost like "cork heavy" so it was very easy to use. the only problem would be when you run. surely everyone will outrun you. i wear stilleto shoes up to now and although i find it tiring sometimes, i guess i am so used to it i will feel different if i wear a flat. ann
@janevi (889)
• Philippines
21 Nov 11
It can be the in thing but I won't go with the fad. It's not healthy. When I was younger I used to have it because it made me feel tall and sexy. I seldom use it because I feel awkward while walking due to its high heels that made me walk on tiptoe-like most of the time. Its uncomfortable because the weight of the body is placed on your toes. Then you have to straighten your back to balance yourself and of course to look taller. :-) It's okay for the slim/lender ladies but not advisable for plump, chubby, unless they can carry on. It is tiresome to use it the whole day.
@cherriefic (4805)
• Philippines
20 Nov 11
Elevator shoes can really make any woman look and feel sexy. You just need to practice walking when you are wearing it. These kind of shoes are not made for walking so you may just want to be steady if you are wearing one. It looks great but you really have to be very careful or you might end up with a sprain. LOL! :)