November 20, 2011 8:18am CST
Some weeks ago, a mylotter started a topic about mast*rbation. My question is, how do we know that we are already overs*xed and it aint healthy anymore? When does s*x become unhealthy?
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@iuliuxd (4453)
• Romania
21 Nov 11
Usually if you end up in the hospital it means you had enough.If you end up in morgue it means you had too much
• Slovenia
23 Nov 11
lol good one. but I agree with the poster above. if its done just out of pure desire to be pleasured and no feelings are involved then this is oversexed.
@vertu007 (683)
• Romania
3 Apr 12
I think it depends. When it's not fun anymore and you don't really feel pleasure it's probably too much. People should know their boundaries.
@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
24 Nov 11
if you push your tired body only make it again and again,it can make your "activities" can be called unhealthy and can make serious problem in your body in the future
@llbo1981 (1242)
• China
22 Nov 11
Oversexed???In my opinion,after you make love with your partner,if you feel happy and not tired,it is a healthy action.If you feel tired after you make love with your partner,it is an unhealthy action
@mantis36 (4237)
• Philippines
21 Nov 11
free doctor's advises on Amplified Modulation (AM) every Sunday 11pm i listen before (since transistor radio is the entertainment of people and internet and cellphone are not well-known before) those doctors said that it will become unhealthy if the victim or patient feels pain or it affected his life in doing certain things, cannot finish to do his work because of something bothers him... because soon it will become a habit and that is the thing to note off. so, the final conclusion of what the doctor said: too little is bad, too much is also bad free to do it no matter how many times but see to it that there is no pain, and can't bothers our daily life activities and it will not cause problems in fertilization in later years...
@llooll519 (109)
• Portugal
21 Nov 11
We can't say it is unhealthy, but it doesn't do anything good to us too... You'll know when its enough and when you need/want it again... :)