life... is it possible to live it with the way we want..

November 21, 2011 4:54am CST
Life a four letter word has a real meaning.Some say enjoy every minute of it . Some say live it to the fullest. Is'nt that really difficult to live it the way we want in today's time with so many problems and works around.
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• United States
22 Mar 12
One thing I had to do was to stop comparing myself to others or trying to live my life as what is perceived as being "full." Instead I started to live my life for me and i do the best that I can - every day.
@bonding2 (219)
• South Africa
22 Mar 12
yes i believe in living my life as if that was my last day and plan as if i have hundred years more ahead. Don't let problems way you down ,problems will still be there when you are no more and nobody has ever succeeded in solving all their problems in life . Worrying don't solve problems instead it compounds it , some how some problems you worry about eventually sorts themselves out
@ygna21 (294)
• Bulgaria
21 Nov 11
You can live the way you want. Make sure you enjoy every good little thing that happens to you and appreciate it. Be happy today! Don't wait for something big to happen to you so you can be happy. Do it now! Smile. And enjoy ur life! :)
@beamer88 (4268)
• Philippines
21 Nov 11
I've heard some people say they had. Makes me a bit envious sometimes since I'm not sure if I really can live my life the ideal way I want to. I just make the most out of the life I have and just try to improve on it if I can.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
21 Nov 11
All we can do is try, and learn from the things that go wrong and appreciate every second we have as we are not here forever...