do you think playing chess helps us to keep our mind stronger and sharper ???

@HDHORDA4 (679)
November 21, 2011 4:57am CST
i have seen many parents telling their childrens to join chess class so that their mind gets sharper i also think that playing chess makes the mind more creative and powerful what do you think?
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@jhesse12 (25)
• Philippines
2 Dec 11
Yes it will keep our mind stronger and sharper. Because in playing chess you must carefully think every move that you will take, what will be the consequences of the move the you make, what will be the advantage in doing that. Just like in life, you must carefully think every action that you will do. Maybe that the logic behind the parents who wants their children to play chess. For then to be wiser in decision making.
@dharanil (319)
• India
21 Nov 11
HDHORDA4 Obviously, It is good to play chess. I don't think chess as just game rather I regard it as edutainment. It will make our brain to think in different angles and thereby it increases our degree of thinking. Going for classes for this ? You can play with family members and friends.
@laglen (19782)
• United States
21 Nov 11
Absolutely! Any activity that requires thinking, exercises the brain. Even crossword puzzles are good for your brain. reading is a VERY good exercise for your brain. Having your child join a chess club is a great idea but not for everybody. Not everybody's brain works in that way. But there is something that will interest that brain!