"Why we want you to be rich"... a good reading material

November 21, 2011 9:46pm CST
I am currently reading a book entitled Why We Want You to be Rich by Kiyosaki and Trump. It is entertaining as well as educating. However, it will not give you the how but only the why's. I want to learn how to start up a business or just a small one. Can you suggest a good reading material on it? I am good in writing and in training. What business should I get myself into?
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@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
22 Nov 11
Hi Snow, the How is actually hidden in the message. They are both successful in real estate, and they have all the advisors to help them. I think if we have followed their footstep in getting all the good advisors, and we can save and invest our money, we would be richer than before. It is a good book to read.
• Philippines
6 Dec 11
Thanks. Until now, I'm not yet through with the book. But I have some ideas and learned a lot already. Have a nice day!
@bagarad (12865)
• Paso Robles, California
22 Nov 11
If I knew the answer to that I might be doing it myself. Are you still young? You might start some training seminars in an area you are skilled in. Some industries hold such seminars for their employees. Of course, you'd have to feel comfortable in public speaking. You might try editing on line. I did that for a while on the side. I proofread applications to American graduate schools for some Chinese students who spoke English as a second language. I haven't had time to take those jobs lately. I charged $25 an hour which they paid by credit card up front. I hated it, but I was good at it. Just think of what you know the most about and see if you can get some jobs speaking on it.