Oh My God...Google TV launch p*rn channel ..

@adhyz82 (36289)
November 22, 2011 1:17am CST
Oh My God. one of Google feature, Google Teve will launch P*rn channel television.. i don`t know is it wisely action from google but now, but maybe it`s caused profit matter.. Google TV will launch it because they had make coorporated with Vivid entertainment, one of the p*rn company business And you can imagine how much p*rn scene will be showed in this Google teve.. oh My god.. what is your respond about this news my friend..?
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@winterose (39921)
• Canada
22 Nov 11
I wonder how they are going to keep children away from this site. Teenagers can find ways of getting into just about any site. It is disgusting as far as I am concerned.
@winterose (39921)
• Canada
23 Nov 11
that is only good for little kids, the teenagers I know know how to get around those controls. They also can go to other people's houses and watch them there. Teens are devious they will find ways to do it if they want to.
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@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
24 Nov 11
I have not heard about it. If it does occur, it would be dangerous for young people moral. In Indonesia, there would be a lot of people, who oppose. Especially the parents, and religious leaders. I really hope, Indonesia can not access.