What can you say about green jokes? are you in favor of it ?

November 22, 2011 1:41am CST
I just want to view each one of you regarding the idea of having green jokes. Is it acceptable to you or you rather prefer avoidance of it. I happen to mingle some parents in school, and sharing green jokes is quite amusing and humorous on the other side. But there are also lot of people who avoided that kind of jokes by stepping out of the gatherings or pretending something had to be done or any kind of excuse to let go off the topic. For me, i just listen and sometimes it also helps me on my other sense of being specially handling practical jokes for married couples. It teaches me moral lessons in life and awareness also that things seems to flow in a different way. I sometimes also share it at home with my friends the things i've heard in the group and just for fun but not to the extent that is harmful for the listeners too. To awaken the sense of silence... because in that way, married couples react easily and so !!! laughters broke the silence.. Is it bad? to make people laugh? i mean, there are other religious sectors that react negatively... What about the other side of you... What can you say about this.. Everybody is open with their own views and ideas...Thanks for sharing..
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@leighz (457)
29 Jan 12
I used to be sentitive about the topic, but when I started working most of my collegues are older than me. Lunch and break times are green jokes time. It's actually fine, I found myself laughing all the time then came the habit of going to comedy bars every payday. For me, green jokes alleviate stress and everybody should just be cool about it, however we have to be careful not to offend others,it's better to choose your audience.
• Philippines
30 Jan 12
Fine, oh yeah, i agree it also alleviate stress but careful not to touch other feelings and emotions or else it might ruin some future relationship and communication in the group.
@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
22 Nov 11
Well, I am not actually offended by green jokes, except if it is too much to take already. i think some can be quite funny too and well i won't be giving them such jokes that could actually hurt someone...
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
22 Nov 11
I have never heard of green jokes, I have heard of blue jokes but not green, are they enviromental jokes, somehow I think maybe not...