Drug testing dureing pregnancy

@freedomg (1684)
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November 22, 2011 5:41am CST
I know someone who recently found out they were pregnant and instantly gave up smoking marijuana so that it a few weeks she can get started going to the doctor with out fear that she might test positive; which in at least this state is an automatic call to the Department of Children and Families and you are under investigation. Test positive at the birth of the child and they take it away before you even get out of the hospital. This is all well and good and I am by no means saying that they should stop testing pregnant mothers for marijuana or any other illegal drug for that matter. Where my problem lies (and I so already know I'm going to upset someone with this) is what they not only do not test for but is not considered a form of abuse... nicotine. While cigarettes are legal there is soooo much evidence that smoking cigarettes while you are pregnant is far more dangerous to an unborn than marijuana (though anything that decreases the oxygen level to the baby is bad, there are no laws to protect these lil ones. I have in my lifetime have smoked and quit both substances and I know how difficult it can be but that is no excuse. One doctor even went so far as to suggest that it could be more harmful to the baby to just quit the cigarettes because of the withdrawal symptoms...... any ex- p@! head will tell you that getting off the mean green can be just as rough a ride yet they will insist that you stop cold turkey. I am very confused. Alcohol is another one that as long as you aren't showing up at the doctors tanked, or telling on yourself, they have no idea whether or not you are exposing your child to a horribly dangerous substance. This one probably 100 times more dangerous than marijuana. There are labels on both substances warning of the dangers yet no testing in place because they are not "illegal" how is this right. During a pregnancy there is no excuse, in my opinion, to expose your child to anything that would (or even just could) harm the child, so why is one considered child abuse that can land you in jail and take your child from you while the others just get you lectures and dirty looks?I gave up cigarettes four times, four kids = four times quitting, and I know it's "H E double hockey" sticks to do it. I've even given up coffee for them, which was WAY worse for mebut they are so worth it.And NO I don't think I am better than anyone before I get hit with that line of horse p o o.I just think if you are going to make it "abusive" for the illegal drugs because they could harm the child then why are the legal drugs not when they are just as if not more dangerous.
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@lijoos (346)
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23 Nov 11
preganancy period.is realy need a lot of care. avoiding everything which makes anyharm to the baby.
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@freedomg (1684)
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15 Dec 11
Very well put.