i don't want to get tired easily

@hotsummer (10444)
November 22, 2011 7:53am CST
i have noticed that people who play computer games don't get tired easily. they stay in front of the computer more than 8 hours a day. and they even forget to eat and even use the restroom. but i usually easily get tired to do what i do online. although i admin playing computer or online games is much more fun than what i do online. but still i want to get that kind of motivation and not easily get tired in what i am doing.
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@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
22 Nov 11
Computer games can be highly addictive and hours can fly past very easily. The young person forgets to eat and wants to keep on playing the computer games. This person might stay up really late at night and not wish to go to bed. Therefore the next day at secondary school or college the young person could be very tired indeed. The parents should give the young person a time limit of say two hours per school or college day and unlimited at the weekend possibly. If the young person spent more than four hours gaming then restrictions could be put in place for the weekend.
• Philippines
22 Nov 11
We need to listen to our body. When we get tired, our body is telling us that we need to recharge. Those who ignore it, forget to eat and forget to use the restroom, are going against the body's needs. We need to treat our body with respect, take care of it, it's the only body that we've got. This is easier said than done. Sometimes we succumb to addiction, I'm guilty of that. But, me too, I easily get tired of doing the same thing, I need change. So, it means I need to take a break from what I am doing and do something else, like rest and relax.
@nezavisima (7418)
• Bulgaria
22 Nov 11
I do not get tired easily. I can sit for hours only here and write for me this is a kind of addiction. in all of us is very different as I get tired of many things but not o f kompyutara cervix feel quite tired in the evening when I go to bed to sleep. interesting discussion congratulations. nice day!