Why am I awake before 6am again?

November 23, 2011 12:03am CST
Grrrr, I don't need to be awake until at least 8am and now I don't think I will be able to go back to sleep :(
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@Aja103654 (5658)
• Philippines
23 Nov 11
haha, i had experienced that. Since you can't go back to sleep, you might as well have fun during that time. Like play a game, read a good book, mylot(i suppose you are already doing this now) and etc.
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@ygna21 (294)
• Bulgaria
23 Nov 11
If you wanna go back to sleep you shouldn't use your computer because it will make you even more awake and the time you have will go by fast and you wouldn't have gone back to sleep:P Maybe it is stress or you are used to getting up at this time.
@SIMPLYD (81469)
• Philippines
23 Nov 11
Maybe it's because it's your usual time of waking up. Our body has its own bio-clock that usually gets used to our sleeping and waking up early. Thus, for the next days it would be the same.