About the star and the diffent colors

November 23, 2011 1:32am CST
I do not know what the star before your name used for . And there are different numbers in it , and in different colors . So ,can anyone tell me about the star ? PS: I do not want to read the guideline because I want to talk with your guys and the guideline is stiff and boring .
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@joystick (1680)
23 Nov 11
Guidelines are there for a reason, to read.Link in response above will help you.This is one of the reasons why a discussion like this is deleted and you have then wasted your time and all the people that have responded to its time.
24 Nov 11
@Bluedoll (17039)
• Canada
28 Nov 11
I am sorry too because I read the guideline and faq looking for the topic of the stars. I just didn't get it. I mean the number changes ok I get that part and the reason for it changing but I didn't get why the colour changed. I mean if say you had a grey one and it got to say 9, why would it change to say blue and if a person had a blue one that was 9 and you had a red one that was 9, what is the difference? I just could not understand! So i did a search and found this discussion. Still was trying to figure all this out when i saw owl's gifs comment above this one and thats when it hit me eh! If the numbers change so does the colour. Wow a blonde star!