Love our Grandmother so much:)

November 23, 2011 4:10am CST
We loved spending time over at our grandparents house when we were kids so much, they showed us love and affection, even to love each other too. They were kind and compassionate and very giving of themselves, there time and whatever they thought might boast our spirits too since they knew this world could be very tough too. They wanted all the very best for us and nothing less then this if at all possible and knew there time with us was a short one so they must put much into it too. They gave us hugs and kisses, warm cooked meals, gifts at Christmas, and advise at times too. Mine sang me songs and told me I could be a movie star whatever I wanted at all in life. They were inspiring and gave me words of hope and encouragement when I thought there was none at all. They played teased, and made me laugh so I would forget my blues always. They showed me they were not perfect but human too and got sick and in pain too they needed cheering up too to laugh just like we did. To forget all there blues as well. Amazing, what in such short years some colleges themselves don't teach properly today. Sensitivity,kindness,compassion, these you don't teach or learn as a student you live these within your own lives. Thanks,A.B.
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• Philippines
24 Nov 11
Love that cannot be fathomed. Thats the love i have for my grandma(my mothers mom). She is always with me and supporting me from day 1 till now that i am with my children. Though for the past yrs she is on bed due to stroke, never remembering who am i sometimes. But her existence though she is not as energetic before keeps me inspired all the time. She teach me to live life and i will never forget all the good things she advice to me in living life.
26 Nov 11
Thanks mmgonzales, I feel this same way too the great advise and knowledge. All the love and patients and when others do so poorly everyday just to survive still I am inspired that I am well enough to go on even though sad too. Thanks,A.B.
• China
24 Nov 11
I am very lucky that my grandparents are still alive. They have been in poor condition and never complain it.God bless them. Because of your hardwork in farms, they have a good health.I love them
26 Nov 11
Hi wangfei123, this reminds me of my biological father's parents they have great health too from farming for so long now and Grandpa still does field work and used to be quite the rancher but has given up most ranching today now. No more hunting trips either. My step Dad's family who raised me, are still hunters but have much worse health and never did any ranching but allot of gardening and even some building and other works on there property too. Allot of wood cutting and all wood heated homes too. Both of my Grandma's loved to arts and crafts of different kinds and cooked and baked allot. Many quilts and dolls,even the towels and aprons, some pot holders, many things were sewn then and I have inherited allot now too and can sew some myself too. I am not a great cook but know enough to get buy. There is such a big difference in hobbies and things to do from then to now. I enjoy digital photography and online projects, while some of the old crafts do still interest me too. Like some sewing, and paint-by-numbers kits, and the art of letter writing too. Scrap booking keep sake sort of items too. Hope chests I find very sweet and charming too. Thanks,A.B.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
23 Nov 11
I wasn't lucky enough to ever know my Grandparents, I feel I have missed out on a lot not having them in my life and I agee with you school should teach other things like emotional feelings and even commonsense, I have a neighbour whose children went to University, very clever people but not an ounce of commonsense when you see a girl in her twenties washing her car with a scourer and not knowing why there were scratches on her car, well there is something wrong.. and sensitivity not an ounce, it seems all they seem to think about is money and self...sad but true
26 Nov 11
Thanks lilaclady, I really do know what you mean here too I have run into some of these types of people myself too. Very smart well educated and all, but no common sense or very much kindness either. I knew a woman who had her eight year old son sleeping in the same room with her and her boyfriend while she drank and smoked all day long. The house was always very messy and smelled like a bar too. The poor kid already had to take medication for problems emotionally what a nightmare here. She is now in rehab and kid with grandparent thank goodness. She didn't see at all anything wrong there though, also very educated people too graduated college very social just no common sense at all it seemed that was just a small part to this not all. There wee many other very odd things happening there too. If my Grandma had seen these people she would have just about demanded more justice for the child right away and that the adults be punished to the full extent of the law too or repent and clean up there lives for there sake and the child's as well too. This is just the kind of person she is at heart she loves all children around her always and expects others to do the same as well. Thanks,A.B.