How to keep ice cream during electricity cuts in freezer?

November 23, 2011 11:30pm CST
I live in an area where power cut is main problem. I bought a ice cream freezer, which can be charged. Actually, the freezer i have brought is the freezer used by the ice cream sellers on "radis" as how it is sold in the streets. Can any one tell how the freezer charging can last long. If there are longer electricity cuts, howe to save the ice cream from melting for longer time
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@emilytd18 (115)
• Philippines
10 Dec 11
Oh! that's really a nice idea! A freezer that can be charged!!..haha.. I don't really have any idea on how it can last but here in our country, there are alternative ways to keep your ice cream frozen. Just like the ice that was sprinkled with salt and is being placed around the ice cream container. That's what most of the vendors here used. And that ice cream can stand the heat of the day for a long time just make sure that the lid is closed tight. haha..
@jtj_hello (627)
• Philippines
24 Nov 11
I never heard that there is such an electric ice cream. Anyways here my suggestion, try to make as much ice as you can when there is elctricity. During electric cut do not use the ice yet, leave it in the freezer since it will take time to melt in there and just continue using the chrage of the freezer. Once the freezer's charge is totally draind, take the ice and mix it with salt to prolong its life and lower its temperature even more then keep your icecream with the ice mixed with salt.