How do FACEBOOK affect your everyday life?

@waru21 (14)
November 24, 2011 10:11am CST
For me, as a young adult who we're exposed early to this technology more often use it as part of the activities of daily living. As a matter of fact when I wake up from bed the first thing I do is to open my computer and log on to I observed, mostly the people or friends i know using Facebook especially girls and homosexual are expressive in their feelings and they use Facebook as an outlet. What did I say about part of activities of daily living, i guess i was right.
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@ASHUDEEP (1774)
• India
25 Nov 11
i use facebook 2 hours per day but it increse to 3 hours on holiday .it is a important part of my life . i spend my mostly time on facebook with chatting with my friends and relatives and some time in playing games.
@waru21 (14)
26 Nov 11
For some people Facebook might not that important but for some might be different. Many friends I knew, mostly are Filipinos spend a lot of time at Facebook. I, myself too use Facebook for so many hours but not for straight hours. It seems important for me now because lot of my friends use it and the one thing can connect us is through it.
@davaome (1828)
• Philippines
15 Dec 11
To people in my county it really has have a big impact to people's lives. THere is no day that I want spend an hour or two in facebook. I too have this habit of before going to bed, and when I wake up, facebook comes into mind and directly post in my wall, "good morning" or Goodnight". And I have experienced people sharing to much, or fighting wall to wall, and it gets ugly when they really meet. I have experienced also people being sweet to their loved ones on facebook, and seems like they like getting the attention.I have some friends also that seemed very sweet when talking online but in real life when they meet, they are shy to each other and it's as if they are not really close. People really have changed, others are not even sociable in real life and they are so glued to facebook that they don't know how to mingle in real life.
@Rosa26 (2620)
• United States
29 Nov 11
For me FB doesn't have agreat impact in my life at all. I use FB maybe 10 minutes a day,I go check if my family is online and lieave. For me is not very important, I don't change my status, don't tell the people every single thing that I am doing and don't get obssese on checking the pictures of the others.
@Jhovarie (1169)
• Philippines
24 Nov 11
facebook doest notaffect my life its because i just use facebook for contact and not for wasting time like posting nonsense topic.
@umesh9889 (201)
• India
24 Nov 11
I am not really affected by facebook, although it acts as a nice medium to meet my old friends and buddies but i life is not really affected by it.. In simple words its just a small part of life but not life....