Inbox Dollars

United States
@sulsisels (1685)
November 25, 2011 11:33pm CST
About 5 months ago, I reached the pay out amount with Inbox Dollars. They sent me a check, as promised and supposedly moved me up in "catagory" status where i get double paid emails, etc etc. I was happy to get it and it is the only get paid to read emails that I do. So, I started all over again and reached just 3.oo under the amount required for second payout. Then, the emails have pratically stopped coming to me. I used to get several per day, now I am only getting maybe 2 a month. Does anybody know if this is common practice so that they don't have to pay you again for a long time? In the past 2 weeks, my total has only gained about a dime..If this has happened to you, please let me know..Thanks in advance..