Can we survive a nuclear holocaust?

@ardieboi (195)
November 26, 2011 4:28am CST
If tension between superpowers such as the US, Russia and China reach the point of no return, a full-scale nuclear war will be inevitable. The world as we know it would be uninhabitable for centuries, possibly for millennia. The damage would be so destructive it would wipe clean the face of the Earth. Human extinction is in the horizon. Nuclear war is an existential risk to civilizations on our planet. Since we humans have been causing massive destruction to Mother Earth, might as well die by our hands?
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@umabharti (3976)
• India
26 Nov 11
now adays china ,russia and another country is testing the military equipment in Punjab ,Yesterday i watched in the news.May be there will be no wars in the coming times ,Destruction of earth will happen only with other things like scarce of resources or other things like pollution.
@ardieboi (195)
• Philippines
26 Nov 11
China, Russia, and that other country you say aren't the only countries with nuclear capabilities. Israel, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom France, the USA, probably Iran and North Korea, they have capabilities of wreaking havoc.
@whatrow (793)
• United States
27 Nov 11
Do you want to read a good book on this very topic? "Bird Nest" by Jack Waggoner, Dorrance Publishing.