frienship between a monster and a person...

@lady1993 (20635)
November 26, 2011 7:11am CST
i just watched a show a while ago which was a bout a woman befriending a lady which was said to be a monster or aswang as we call it here- one who eats kids and animals.. People blamed the lady for deaths of children and stoned her house and even ruined it, so the woman asked the lady to live with her fr a while and she learned that she was no monster and was really nice and friendly to her kids.. But then her past unfolded and the lady told her she was a monster and her husband found out so he took their child and ran away, the lady was also caught eating live(raw) chicken.. S the woman got scared but eventually realized that she really was a gd person when the lady helped her son find his way back to their house.. It was really touching how the woman defended her friend to the people who wanted t kill her. And in the end they went to the doctor for a check up and found out it was Schizophrenia the lady was suffering from. Then lesson was never judge people by appearances.. Since the teasing and harsh treatment from neighbors made the lady's condition worse.. It would be nice to get to know people first before we call them monsters. The real monsters out there are people who kill and ruin innocent people's lives like it's nothing to them, druglords, criminals...
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
26 Nov 11
This problem, schizophrenia comes in many different forms, some are mild but others can be totally unstable. We now know that many of our heros,villains, scientist and artists suffer from this. Thinking about this a disease may not be correct, it may be the price that is paid for having a brain that performs way beyond what the rest of us have. Right now all we can do is treat it. Hopefully we will learn more and more about how the brain works and be able to control the bad times and enhance the good one.