Calv Pain

@SandeeE (346)
United States
November 26, 2011 9:42am CST
Last year I had pain in my calves for almost 4-6 months strait. I eventually went to the doctors to make sure it was not from blood clots. After that was ruled out I was told to go and purchase a bottle of potassium pills and eat bananas every day for till the pain was gone. This pain is like what your calves feel like after a bad charlie horse. They feel strained, they throbb and walking just hurts. So I did what was recommended and although it took some time it did fianally go away (the pain did) Around Halloween I got them back. This time was bad enough I was having trouble functioning. After day five or so I had been drinking orange juice hoping for even a small amount of potassium to work since I didn't have money to get the pills. Either way after day five the pain subsided & eventually was gone. Three day's I ago I woke up to the pain YET AGAIN. This time I've drank the orange juice, I've ate like 6 bananas taken pain medication over the counter and prescription ones and nothing at all is working. It sucks. It hurts & now my toes and feet hurt too. Anybody ever experience this and if so what happened what did you do?
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