what if someone dupe you?

November 26, 2011 9:29pm CST
This is not really something serious. But it might to someone with a heart disease. My high school classmate suddenly pops in the chat box in FB whom i never really had a close bonding with. She starts a conversation, i was wondering why she just finds time to chat with me, maybe she's up to something. But i ignored it. And so she offered me her products, that's it, and asked me to check her site. To my surprise it was another trick we see most in youtube. A horror clip that suddenly changes image.Sort like that. I'm a fan of horror and suspense or thriller but i felt betrayed and fooled. All the while i thought she was serious. Maybe she just wants to have fun or way of avenge for herself because she got frightened also. I just left her hanging and didn't tell her i saw it. I just wondered if she does this to someone who has a weak heart and might get heart attack and worst, die because of a bad joke. What's your take on this fellow mylotters? I'm just so disappointed with her.
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