Good News for Varolo members

@yallit (3678)
November 26, 2011 11:14pm CST
The site will be making some changes in it's referral earnings structure. Currently, members will need to refer others to earn from his village. Without any referrals, you won't earn a dime unless you win in the weekly jackpot. There's of course a way to build your village without referring anyone and that is by exchanging your achievement cards for referrals. Now, Varolo will be shifting to a matrix type referral structure which will allow those who can't refer to get referrals of their own through their sponsors spillover referrals. And have you noticed lately that you can now also earn from your own ad views? I'm not just sure however if this only applies to those who have at least one referral or if those without refs can earn from their own views as well.
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