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National Lampoon College Town USA - Show Cover
United States
November 27, 2011 4:44am CST
With an utter lack of inhibition and a slick sense of humor, host Christopher Underwood crisscrosses the country visiting college campuses to reveal the naked truth about undergrad life by exploring classes, tuition, housing and the party scene. This irreverent television series visits Florida State, the University of Tennessee, the University of Georgia and other institutions of higher learning. -Netflix Ok so there are allot of possible parents out there that are praying that there kids will never see this show,lol To me this show just showed me what schools slack off the most, I would never choose a school from watching a show like this. And as for all the people in it I bet allot of them either failed out of the school or regrets ever being on the show. has anyone on here ever been on a show supporting there college? Do you regret it? Would you choose a school from a show like this? Why?
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