People who lived years ago happier than us

November 28, 2011 4:42pm CST
I think people who lived years ago happier than us.We have got a lot of responsibilities in social life so we have to do them.For example,if you are a women you have to be good wife,you have to be good mother,you have to be successful in working life...If you aren't be successful one of them,you can't be happy.How can we be happy?
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29 Nov 11
I think being successful is only one of the factors which leads to happiness. However, it is not the main factor. Main factor which makes you happy is your style of thinking. Think positively, be happy:)
• Indonesia
29 Nov 11
Everyone have their own way to be happy. Just grateful for everything we have and always be positive at every problem we have. People who lived years ago have different responsibility after all.
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
28 Nov 11
hello, There are people who are happy even without education. They are contented in their life because they have their family with them and they support each other. I can example my mom she is an OFW with a 3 children including me of course. She is happy and contented in our life now because even she in not that educated she give us what we need. She have a work and she is a good mother even without our father we survived.