What if someone approach you and tell you... God tell me to help you!

@r3jcorp (1383)
November 29, 2011 2:21am CST
As I was on the edge of the cliff and was asking myself whether to jump in or to stay, someone approach me and told me... I was at the church yesterday, God whisper your name to me. I know I have a mission, that is to help you. It is because I went through what you are going through, I know I need to guide you up, away from the cliff. I know the pain that you are going through because I experience it all. That was what she told me and I do believe her because I was asking God for angels to help me. Actually I believe I know one that He sent, but this person was the last that I expect to do it for me. When she was looking at me, I thought she was going to ask for my financial obligation, a nonsense talk, pure money alone, but I was surprise to hear it from her. She even ask me my number and sent some piece of advice which actually help me sleep better last night. Not that I am planning to have a suicide this early, but I am really thinking of it as an option if things goes more worst as it seems now. Because sometimes, I think I am a burden to my husband and to my children which doubled the pain that I am experiencing. I know and believe God works through the hands of good people and many people told me that I am at this situation because God knows that I can able to handle this. But she told me to hand everything to God, I could not handle this myself. Though I do firmly believe that God will provide for all my needs and my family, I feel though that the pain was taking too long. I hope that the proper time would be soon. Have you experience this? I am glad that God uses someone to tell me not to stop believing that He is hearing my prayers, I just have to wait and believe... God Bless us all!
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@ygna21 (294)
• Bulgaria
29 Nov 11
You shouldn't jump.You should appreciate life no matter how hard it seems sometimes. And yes,I do believe God can send us people to help us out in our lives.And God often sends us signs that we need but sometimes we are just to blind to see them and we feel we are left alone when it is not really the truth. Appreciate your life and all the little things you have :)