Caring for the Those Who Share Our Life

@srjac0902 (1170)
November 29, 2011 11:54am CST
When we hear about the great accomplishments of great people, but when we go to see their family life we discover the failure in bringing up a healthy family. Those who vote their lives for noble cause usually they neglect their family. But those who live an ordinery life must be aware of what is going on around those who form our family and those share our life. Often we get exhausted not knowing what is the reason that the partner is sad and what is the reason that the children are moody. Often when we find any member of our family gloomy, sad, seeking solitude, we do ask what is the reason. We do try to distract them. We do try to show our life and the gloomy members are adamant without or never revealing what they feel within. Each family member has a right to love and be loved. The person who is sad never realizes what harm is caused by such behavior. Often we are selfish. We are self centred. We never value the efforts made by the others to distract the tough moment but we insist on our reasons and attitude. it may happen that we do not get the due attention. Some partners are unique and they concentrate on only one person. When the same degree of love is not returned back then the peron seizes to smile. The celebrations are a moment to get together share and enjoy as one family. But on that very particular occasion, there are certain persons just pull out the quarral, fight hurt each other and spoil the joy of the family. The celebrations become life a match box stick to lit the fire o0f conflict. It is our sacred duty to be happy and make others happy. Happiness must be acquired even by self effort and collective effort. There are legitimate occasions for which we can claim our right for happiness and compensation atleast to get recognition, a smile and a word of thanks with goodness. The happiness of the family is a mutual effort to edify eachother. It is not for the exchange of emotional love and sensual gratification. Family life calls us even to sacrifice for the other and ignore we we do not receive recognition or to forgive when we receive insults. Do you agree with me?
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@marguicha (97175)
• Chile
1 Dec 11
I agree with your idea of family, but disagree that neglect belongs always and solely in families where there are great people. I have seen neclect and caring for family members in all kinds of families as it much depends on whether people are generous or selfish.
30 Nov 11
There were significant periods in my life that I will tell the world that I am prevelege of caring some members of the my family. I took care of my mother, father and step mother. I took care of putting in place of the family property for the welfare if everyone, Yes, it is hard, Demanding yet consoling for not everybody coud do this work. By my own effort I coud not fully realized those tasks. It is by grace and the love of God in me that I was able to do it.
• United States
30 Nov 11
I care for my grandmother and for a special needs woman when I can, and it can be tough to care of them at times. I love my grandmother, but as she has been getting older, she has become more difficult to take care of.
@GemmaR (8526)
29 Nov 11
Our family are the most important thing that we're ever going to have in our lives, however a lot of people don't realise that until it's far too late. Unfortunately, most of us are selfish to everybody around us because it is just the way that humans are. I think that the only people who we truly unselfish to are our own children; who we would do absolutely anything for. This is the only time that humans are not selfish, and this is because we are determined to protect our own genes so that they are able to carry on.