Have you ever imitated an orgazm?

November 20, 2006 2:58pm CST
Have you ever had to lie your partner?
6 responses
@yakuza (70)
• Romania
20 Nov 06
no,because i never meet a perfect partner for that kind of feeling.Maybe this thing looks strage for you but belive me this is the thruth
@Al3xius (1778)
• Romania
20 Nov 06
Like a boy it`s really hard to fake it :) i didn`t !
@atticus (1381)
• Italy
20 Nov 06
i'm a man,how could i?...:)...
@forfein (2508)
20 Nov 06
NOPE!!!! Full blown everytime!!! Thanks!!
@habichuelo (3104)
• United States
20 Nov 06
balive it or not,im a guy and i fake it twice in my life with someone i was tired to be with!
@blakky (137)
• Australia
20 Nov 06
i have to admit that when i was younger i did occasionally. now i certainly wouldn't bother faking it