Saving Family Values

@srjac0902 (1170)
November 29, 2011 2:08pm CST
If we have set up a value to preserve values of a genuine family life then we have to collaborate with all our heart. Sometimes sitting together and chatting cracking jokes or sharing humors will help to find the family life interesting. Often the youg couples stay together until children come. When the mother is engaged in housework duties husband goes out in the clubs and spends time with friends by drinking, playing cards or gambling. If there is a defference in them even by educational standard, the couples don't find any intimacy to be together. Man leaves home early morning and enters home very late. Weekly outings, vacational outings shall make the family to recover the burn outs and make the members to reconcile with eachother. At times the family members find joy just in hurting belittling or humiliating others. This kills the joy in the family. Today many are opting to live as single. But even by living as single they do find that emptiness.
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@GemmaR (8526)
30 Nov 11
I think that a lot of people are living on their own because they much prefer to get their careers in order before they find a partner and have children with them. Because people are leaving things for so long, it can mean that it's a little bit harder to find a partner when you think that you actually want to. You should never leave things for as long as some people do these days, because you would surely hate to get to the end of your life and find that you'd never been able to have the things that you'd wanted so badly.
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
29 Nov 11
I don't know if that is the family value, but it perfectly depicts a typical family lifestyle in an American family though. I would like to live a normal life, with 2 kids, and a wife together. We can go out regularly, and we can spend time in vacation somewhere from time to time. That is the bottom line of my family value. I hope that everyone can share it.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
29 Nov 11
Family values are a very good thing but in todays world it doesn't always happen as change seems to be so huge as people have their own ideas on the way thwy want to live, people are more independent and the pressures from outside the marriage make the values not so important anymore...its is a hard time to live within a family setting these days.