Fears and their elimination

fear - ignorance about future are causes of fear.
November 29, 2011 2:24pm CST
Fears are uncertainties of the future - outcome of our present actions and circumstantial factors. These may be overcome by analyzing the situations and estimating the possible outcomes, getting prepared to face the difficulties. This way, fears lead to better chances of successes than gong ahead without fears and preparations to overcome difficulties. The only condition of overcoming a fear is that the person should not be afraid of the situation which is accepting defeat in the face of uncertainties - http://rambansal.hubpages.com/hub/Fear-leads-to-Victory-if-the-person-is-not-Afraid
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
26 Feb 12
People around us have their own insecurities and her own fears, hopes and failures. Why not charge the same insecurities of others, why not feel like ours? Others seem more confident than they were getting us to be ourselves, we think that they know better how to deal with situations that have a more stable presence of mind, that he found it easier exit gates in difficult times. It often happens that we see others more powerful than they really are. Do not we realize that behind the appearances, lies a struggle, perhaps even more fierce than our struggles. That they are struggling to complete a road. But personal insecurities are much, much more difficult to manage. They are the ones that make us feel weak, we closed a small universe, isolates us, give us the feeling that ... we can. And others can. Or better. And ... we always appreciate less than what we really want? We do not have enough confidence in us and we have enough strength to fight for what we want? There are now talking about what and how we deserve. Nothing about what we can get fighting. It's about compromises we are doing with us, with our expectations. We want more, we are satisfied with less. We want to get away and eventually make up even one step just moved away. Why this failure? I get more if we had to feed "is all right"? Quiet evening to you!
@vandana7 (67609)
• India
30 Nov 11
Sometimes the solution is obvious and universally accepted but there are people who prevent it.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
29 Nov 11
Fears must be faced whatever circumstances there is. We cannot conquer any fears if we do not/never face it. Accepting defeat-is not to quit not even a loss. The moment we face or fears give us victory-showing and knowing how far we can go on this life.