Smoking to Relieve Stress

United States
November 29, 2011 3:35pm CST
Hay guys im a big pot smoker i smoke on a regular basis but i find myself smoking more when im stressed out or having problems with life an i think i do it more when im stressed so while im sober i come to ask you is smoking away the problems always a good thing???? ive thought about the question myself an i personal feel like i think better when im high but i need an outsider opinion. I could just ask a friend but you know friends are just going to say stuff to make you happy or say things because they personally might not like smoking. (Its not addictive theres times where i just stopped for months its the Trill an relaxation i get that makes me smoke so its a choice thing).
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• Australia
19 Dec 11
Pot is good and bad in this respect, For one it can delay you dealing with the problem until a more suitable time. But also make the problem worse for letting the problem simmer.
@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
30 Nov 11
I am not sure but I have read somewhere that says smoking pot may cause short term effects like problems with memory/thinking, distorted perception, increase in heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Hallucinations and delusions are the common thing people high in pot experiences. Not sure if you have experience such thing too as you said you are a big pot smoker. I am not sure if this can relieve stress, but since some people gets too high on it - they seem to think they are forgetting their problems.
@menzis00 (273)
30 Nov 11
I used to smoke than I smoke now, but now I haven't smoked in a while. Last time I smoked pot was when I had a really bad two weeks where like all the possible bad luck got onto me and I needed to smoke it to relieve my stress and it really did help me. But I do it rarely, if you go with the thought that everytime you smoke pot you will be better you might get an addiction to it so be careful and don't smoke it a lot.
30 Nov 11
From personal experience I know that weed helps u relax but you will not solve any problem on it, and when you are not high the pressure is unbearable. try to reduce smoking and solve your problems before you smoke. I was in the same position like you, stress was eating me alive and when I smoke things was getting worse when I'm high, maybe even worst when I was straight. Just reduce smoking and work on yourself and you will be fine.
@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
30 Nov 11
For me it is not good it can made your life miserable through it.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
30 Nov 11
I don't smoke but I smoking relieve stress with my office mate.When ever he got stress in the office, he go down to the smoking area of the building to relieve his stress or madness.
@Iemon1 (123)
• Singapore
30 Nov 11
i dont tink smoking is a way to relieve stress. there are other means to do so
@alecz23 (486)
• Philippines
30 Nov 11
Well i'm a chain smoker to and I haven't stop smoking either. Well that's true that it can relaxes because it contains nicotine that calm down our nerves.
@wydtron (302)
• Portugal
29 Nov 11
It's good to forget the problems sometimes but if you try to be high constantly to forget them, then it's not good. Like a friend of mine once said " USE BUT DON'T ABUSE" i guess there is no problem if you get high once in a while to forget problem just don't do it constantly :) I hope i've been of good help my friend