our city lacks parks , trees, and other relaxing view

@hotsummer (10449)
November 30, 2011 1:15am CST
it is good to have lots of trees lining up the side of the street or the middle of the street as it gives shades during the time the sun is all set up in the sky. with no trees around i usually have to avoid walking in places where i don't have any shade. usually i will walk on the side of the road where there is tall building i can take cover on the shadow of the buildings. i think we need to have more parks in the future so that we can enjoy walking more.
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@salonga (27954)
• Philippines
6 Feb 12
Walking along the park - Cool and Refreshing Environment
Yes, I would love to see lot of trees beside the streets and lots of tree parks where we could sit and relax. A place with no trees is nothing but a boring sight. Expect it to be hot, dry and polluted and not conducive to living. But a place teeming with trees is a wonderful place to live because this is free from pollution, cool and refreshing to our body and soul.
@youless (93512)
• Guangzhou, China
30 Nov 11
I think this is the problem for most big cities in the world. There are more and more people go to the big cities. And therefore it becomes crowded. And it also means that people live more places to live. And it will leads more buildings and less places for relaxing. It will earn more money to have buildings rather than parks. I love China