china model or wellfare state?

November 30, 2011 3:22am CST
since the 6th plenary session of the 17th cccpc,all level chinese governments have been organizing propagandist groups to sell the desision made in the session.these propagandists attack the wellfare states,like greece and spain,which cause the euro crisis for allow their people to enjoy the cradle to grave wellfare.these propagandist say the the wellfare states ecourage lazy and avaricious,intead,china model in which the common chinese people,especially ones in rural area ,have to work more the 12 hours a day and enjoy no wellfare can courage cultivate hardworking tradition. do the china model can save euro crisis?please do not fool the common chinese.
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@Simon1223 (902)
• China
25 Mar 12
I guess that those propaganda officials still believe that "Lies repeat one thousand times will be truth". They haven't realized that China has changed dramatically since the reform and opening up. Ordinary people especially the youngs have access to information they are interested in so that they are hard to be cheated. It's a truth that welfare state model may cause some problems, but it's not the main reason which results in the debt crisis, or it should be the north european countries that face the debt crisis at first. Even if we suppose that welfare state model causes the crisis, I'm afraid it's not the problem China may face in the near future. The challenge we face at present is how to establish an effective social security system as soon as possible, or we may face a more serious crisis, the cost of which will be higher than that of european debt crisis.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
30 Nov 11
First of all, Euro debt crisis is not because of wellfare reason, it is because of all the privileges the political elite bestow upon themselves and their upper class supporters at the expense of their nation's resources and tax base; not that everyone in Greece, Italy and Spain enjoy unlimited wellfare, only the powerful and politically well connected enjoy such trillion dollar supported privileges annually, the communist propagandist is talking rubbish; the propaganda is aimed to promote socialism and communism within Eurozone. These propagandist can't fool any urban Chinese except the commoners in rural area where communist party is the king.