How's the 1st day of December in your place?

December 1, 2011 6:20am CST
well, today is the first day of December. few days to go, and it's already Christmas! i took a picture of our Christmas tree and added more Christmas decorations in our house. My friend and i went shopping and thought of the things that we are going to buy for ourselves, for our friends and loved ones as a gift on Christmas. hihihi :) When i was on my way to the office this evening, i saw a fireworks display and i realized that it came from the famous area in our place. They lighted the biggest Christmas tree in our city, which they have prepared for a month. There was a band and a short program. Wow! Christmas is really in the air! hihihi :) I'm going to take a picture of that big Christmas tree later. :)
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• India
1 Dec 11
The day is something special to everyone including me. This is because the Christmas is coming up and all are very excited to celebrate this Christmas with fun. Here most of the houses are well cleaned and painted to have a great Christmas. I think I will have a good Christmas this time. What about you ? What do you think ?
• Philippines
2 Dec 11
First day is a nice day! This is the day of lighting the largest Christmas tree in the city. As I passed by the area, I saw dancers, singers and bands showcasing their talents. I saw varieties of food and most of all, I saw people wearing happy faces. That made me happy and I suddenly felt that Christmas is really in the air. I thought of making Christmas list when I have time.. lol!