Minitroopers . Did you try it ?

@Xansus (950)
December 1, 2011 10:09am CST
Well some of you i suppose played games on sites . This is game that is customizing your own soldier and upgrading and making them stronger via 2-3 picked abilities for every level some of them are fun . In the game you can become a driver on hilicopter , or a sniper doctor or lots of other fun thing . One of my heroes even have a clown granade , with spawns a clown for a target dummy for the enemy :) The game is short and fun you play for a while every day . Whats your opinion on the game . Lets hope linking is not against the rules and well you generate a random person to be recruited for , but if you want to try and recruit from my link i will be gratefull i will get a bit of coins for my troops to upgrade ;) ( lets hope this is not agains the rules ) Have fun and share your opinion on the game .
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@wydtron (302)
• Portugal
1 Dec 11
Im just starting playing it seems pretty cool dude ^^ I am not sure of how to play yet but im sure im gonna get the hang of it. Just becareful next time because you can't just put referral links in here because it is agains't the rules. I wont report you don't worry just be more careful next time ^^