Anyone have experience maintaining a family and nursing school ? Advice please?

@kerrina (104)
December 1, 2011 10:44pm CST
Long story short. I went for the beauty industry to gain financial stability for my step son & partner. I went to hairdressing school and got terminated due my sons daycare issues. A year later, I went to back to take Esthetics/Beauty Therapy just recently in September. My esthetics schools closed down within one month of study.. Karma/Life really knows how to get to you. I always thought I was meant to be in the beauty industry because I just loved the whole idea. I understand the income is not the highest but I wanted to gain some more money so I can support my family more than a minimum wage income but life just didn't want me to go down that path. I've applied to all other beauty schools around my area and they basically said no in their own way. Many people say that I am a natural care giver and I completely agree. My mom is a registered nurse and she makes pretty good money. She told me it was extremely hard but so worth it at the end. So I decided to consider nursing. I just started my upgrading today and math was absolutely horrible because I haven't done any academic course for 3 years. I am a little worried so I have a plan to get my Practical Nurse certificate just because it's an easier way to make more money within a shorter period of school. After I work a while, I would like to move back in with my bf & son, work as an LPN at nights until such time I officially get my RN. Can anyone tell me what your experiences are like trying to go into nursing school and raising a family while working? I know it's going to be really hard but I want to know how would it affect family, relationships, health etcetera. I want to know your experience please because I need to really prepare myself for what I'm getting into..
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@Ollanna11 (372)
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2 Dec 11
I don't have any nursing school experience. I have completed a Medical Billing program and graduated. School takes alot of commitment. So what ever path you decide on make sure you weigh all your pros and cons. Education is expensive and you don't want to suffer too much trying to earn a degree. Check out all available resources like financial aide. I think going for the practical nurse degree is a great way to get your foot in the door. Who knows once you complete your internship you may get an offer. Good Luck to you