how often do you avoid some people

@hotsummer (10449)
December 1, 2011 11:54pm CST
i am trying to avoid one person now because he is inviting me to do some business. and not that i have to put a big amount to start a business. but i don't feel that his business is that good at all or profitable at all. it is like a just a waste of time. and since i can't tell him straight the reason why i don't want to join although i have said i am not interested, i am just trying to avoid the person. when he send message on yahoo messenger i just ignore it, i don't get online often on my yahoo messenger also.
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• India
2 Dec 11
Instead of avoiding the person I believe in confronting him/her and talking about the matter concerned. If the person who has offered you a business plan is your friend or a family member, then you should meet the person personally and tell him about your take on the business offer. If he still insists you, then tell him you'd like to think about it and will let him know after a month or two. If the person is an online friend, then just tell him/her simply that see I don't see any potential in this business. I would rather suggest that you also should not waste your time and money here, but if you have make up your mind, I will just wish you good luck. But don't let this affect our friendship. I hope the person will understand you. I have personally experienced this and I feel confrontation is better than avoidance. Good Luck!