Sport or diet?

@desi8989 (120)
December 2, 2011 4:28am CST
What about people who prefer to ruin their health by eating less of it to eat better and exercise more to.
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
2 Dec 11
I definitely opt - in eat better and exercise more. We do need to eat, and to consume that energy. We just don't realize how important to eat healthy, and keep yourself energized, while you also need to exercise from time to time to keep your body fit. Not eating to keep it fit wasn't the ultimate option to look good though.
• Philippines
8 Apr 12
100 % agree, diet is about balancing what we eat, it does not mean that we must skip meals so that we'll become fit. our body needs energy to do our daily activities, when there is a time that i want to eat heavy meal, i do not stop myself from eating, but i make sure that through the day i burn those extra calories..
2 Dec 11
I think we should do both of them to be fit and healthy.
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@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
2 Dec 11
I prefer both. I love to eat because eating is a pleasure. also do sport is healthy and useful. It's nice not to tread with food and to eat less. so it is nice to keep both. nice day!
• Malaysia
2 Jan 12
Dear Friend Always remember the motto 'Eat to live and not Live to Eat' In fact, we should eat only when our body tells us. Not the mind. If the body have enough, it will transmit to the brain and then, we must stop eating. There are more thing in life to enjoy other than eating. There is this danger of overeating if you tend to love food by itself. There are host of diseases that are highly associated with a heavy body. Why risk it? OK? I hope that my note here has added quality to his discussion. If there is any doubts please do clarify with me more.Thanks a million. Love: Bro. Joe. GBU
@beenice2 (2482)
• Canada
26 Jan 12
Eat a good balance meal and exercise is the best and drink a lot of water. The water gives you the muscle mass it doesn't make you skinny, makes you healthyer .You have to try to eat your meals at about the same time as much as possible. I know that some their work schedule is not really regular. But try to keep it steady.
• Malaysia
2 Jan 12
Dear Friend. I am not in the favor of over doing exercise. My advice to you is to eat and do moderate exercise. If you want to be really healthy, do exercise only three times a day. Preferable walking,swimming,jogging but try to restrict to only 12 min. In muscle training exercise, please confirm to only 45 min. Overdoing such exercise will damage your muscles. Eating wisely is the real key to better health and happiness.I am on the process of publishing a book called '36 Strategies and Tactics to Permanent Weight Loss' It would be available next month end of Feb 2012 in PDF mode. Anyhow, should my info is insufficient, please do write to me on this site. OK? Thanks. Love: Bro. Joe. GBU