Anybody making money with Youtube and/or Google adsense?

United States
December 2, 2011 6:29am CST
I was pleased that I'd made enough youtube videos to qualify for ads to be put on my youtube videos or at least some of my Youtube videos - the ones that don't have any kind of copyright issues. Of course I've not made any real money yet but it seems hopeful. I had this notion of making animated videos and I wrote to this site called goanimate to see if I could monetize for ads to be put on my Youtube videos so I could get paid via Google adsense. Well I got some different responses from goanimate - one of them gave me the permission and said "yes" I could monetize for ads. But then my last email I got said I could not do it because it meant I was making it for commercial gain or something like that. So it seems you can use videos you create on sites like goanimate and xtra-normal to try to make any money. I wish I knew how to make my own animation because I would like to be able to put them on youtube, monetize ads so I can get paid via google adsense. Any ideas?
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