The best chinese food are not dumpling!

@Leocen (178)
December 3, 2011 8:55pm CST
yesterday, i went to English corner where some students and US teachers talk about everything they want.i was suddenly asked what i often eat for lunch and dinner.actually there's a blank in my head.i told him there're a lot of dishes i would have.every lunch or dinner will be different dishes.( but i don't know how to translate) then he continued ask what do you eat in Spring festival.and the time i stalled for think ,he said" is it dumplings?" and a student from north quikly answered " yes". well,i really don't know to say! the thing is people in south eat different things from people in north!dumplings are said to be the famous traditional chinese food,but we people from south eat dumplings unless we have time to cook a lot of dishes!what we southern people eat is variety.particulerly ,Spring festival,falimies would get together enjoying at least 20 different dishes.some of them consist of five vegetables with meat or seafood ,countless spices .and they look very colorful!and it's way more delicious than dumb dumplings! unfortunately, i don't know how to translate these delicates in english,it'a hard to discribe without real things or pictures!so anyone who wants to know chinese food,come to china,visiting some "eating streets",or watching housewives cooking their meals at home if you're invited.if you're not able to visit china,you could google some introductions and recipes...
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
4 Dec 11
What about those Dim Sum in China, they are pretty popular for breakfast or brunch in Southern China though. I had many chances to taste them, and they genuinely good. I love the Chicken feet, and the meat bun, they are delicious too. Whenever I have chance to visit China again, I would definitely to try many different Chinese cuisines too.