About three symbols under the posts

December 4, 2011 2:21am CST
I'm a newbies. to join Mylot for only a few weeks. I discovered that there are a plus and a minus sign and an exclamation point at the bottom right of the posts of all,but mine has only one exclamation mark .why,I beg your help.
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@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
4 Dec 11
Hi li123456li, welcome to MyLot All symbols that you mention is about rating and report abuse Plus (+) symbol given to rate someone positively Negative(-) symbol given to rate someone negatively. I'm not recommend you to use this symbol because when you use it that also affect on your reputation(star) and the end effect your earning. Exclamation point (!) symbol given to report someone or yourself to Admin. Mostly all report talk about abusing system, violate guidelines or you want to delete your own post for particular reason. Is that explain enough for you?? Happy lotters
• China
5 Dec 11
Hi,Olleenz,thank you,I understand about it.And I will see faq.And I think Mylot maybe the most detailed classfication forum wibsite in all .
@ekoytyas (4672)
• Indonesia
5 Dec 11
if i am not wrong, + is mean that was positive discussion, - one given when you give bad respond and ! is to report violation on the discussion.
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
4 Dec 11
As the responses above have mentioned, the + and the - are for rating the activity of other users. On your own posts you will not see them because no-one, including you, can rate their own posts. The ! is for reporting abuse and you have it on your own posts, just like evryone else, because you might have occasion to report your own posts for deletion. For example, if your connection is slow and by mistake you post something twice, you can use the ! to ask admin to remove the duplicate. You cannot rate the activity of others until you see 100 by your username. This is to give you the necessary time to consult the FAQs and understand how to rate, so that you do it ocrrectly and don't harm your own account. You can read here: http://www.mylot.com/o/faq/faq17.aspx#1 Welcome to myLot!
@mr_pearl (5037)
• India
4 Dec 11
Hi... Welcome to myLot! The plus and minus signs are used to vote positively or negatively.. I believe one is allowed to do that after a certain no of posts... The exclamation mark is to report any spam kind of posts... You'll be able to use them after a certain no of posts... Please go through the FAQ... Good Luck!!!