Girl feared to be dumped by BF lied that she's pregnant and stole a baby

By K31
December 5, 2011 1:33am CST
Just this morning I was checking random news via AOL and I stumbled upon this post: A 17-year-old girl was depressed and is in fear that her BF may leave her so she came up with a lie that she's pregnant. To support her lie, 9 months after, she "hired" two gang members (aged 20 and 21) to kidnap her room mate's 15-day-old baby.
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@shanemae (1025)
• Philippines
8 Dec 11
that's a terrible news! to be lying then kidnapping just to make that lie true. so desperate too for a mistake be covered by another mistake. i see a lot of people now are getting desperate on love. which should not be. they should be embracing love until love exist and be ready to let it go when there is no love felt by the other party.
@sjvg1976 (18401)
• Delhi, India
5 Dec 11
Hello keihimekawa, That's the reason why should not we lie as we have to speak lot of lies to cover one lie. I wonder how she made her BF fool for all 9 months and how she thought of kidnaping her room mate's child,she really is heratless girl who just thought of herself only.
• Philippines
6 Dec 11
I really don't know if her BF even cared about her during the time she's pregnant. I mean, it's difficult to say (and show) that you're pregnant when in reality you're not. Well, I just hope she learned her lesson xD
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
5 Dec 11
I don't think the news that the girl is pregnant is going to make the guy not split up from her. It is very strange that the girl pretended to be pregnant and I wonder how she kept this lie up. It is awful that she stole a baby from a room mate. The gang members and the baby stealer will end of in jail for ages I believe.
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
Yeah. If the guy really want to leave her then he eventually will. I can't seem to imagine how the girl "pretended" to be pregnant during those 9 months. I really feel sorry for the girl. She's so young and yet her life's already enclosed in prison.
@cwong77 (2011)
• Malaysia
5 Dec 11
sometimes when one person started a lie, they just have to keep it up to it. It's sad to see such a youngster got charged for such an offence, however it clearly says that she is not mature enough in handling her relationship issue. In whatever circumstances, using pregnancy to keep a man is all wrong but people sometimes just don't get it.
• Philippines
5 Dec 11
That's just so true. There are times when the one who told lies would actually believe the lies and consider it as the truth :( Because of this, there's a chance she'll live the rest of her life inside prison.