keep traveling memory

December 5, 2011 4:31pm CST
Traveling is always becomes sweet memory for everyone. We should always have travel memory no matter good or bad ones,but mostly good memory still remain. I remember when my grand grand father told us the story when he was traveling for very first time to London. He has very organized photo album which tell everything about his trip to London. However when he passed away, nobody can told the story as detail as him. I am sure if he were lives in this era,many things he can do to keep travel memory better,like write blog as journal or shot with video camera during traveling or as simple as upload photos to facebook ..what you usually do when keep traveling memory?
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@gloryacam (5546)
• Philippines
8 Dec 11
I love traveling and keeping memories of those travels. Usually I have a camera, and my travel buddy has her own, too, and when we come home, we swap pictures. I also tend to buy souvenirs, even just small ones (like magnets, or keychains, or some other little thing) that would always remind me of the place I have been. Someday, I wish to make a scrap book out of those mementos. My friend blogs about the places she's been. I guess that's a good way of keeping your memories because years from now, you could read about your own experiences.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
7 Dec 11
I always write down what i had experienced,the photo is also a good call to me.To remeber that feeling and people feel to go back to that place again,isn't it?Travelogue is really popular and sometimes the photos also worth some,have a good day.
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
6 Dec 11
I love the memories of my travel experiences to different countries in the world. I have enjoyed taking photos in my destinations and then putting my travel photos in special looking photo albums. I usually write a diary when I go off to a different country. It is enjoyable to read these diaries years later. One of my friends has a video camera and I don't think I will ever get one of those. Your great grand fathers story was very interesting.
6 Dec 11
Normally, I took some photoes and put them into an album.Further more,sometimes I wrote the experience into my microblog.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
5 Dec 11
yes it is a good idea for people maybe to write a journal about their travels and take many photos but with the photos the names and story should be added, I have a friend who has travelled a lot and has many photos but no names or story to the photos, I think for later years time to keep good record of ones travel is very important.