tips on knowing reliable ptc sites

@kapil11 (247)
December 6, 2011 1:18am CST
I have known that there is very high probability of scams in ptc sites and me too have faced and experienced lots of ptc sites who turns about to be from my experiences,i have gained knowlege about sites which can be trusted and which can't be trusted.Here's my personal tips on knowing whether a ptc site is legit/scam: 1.The ptc sites which offer more money i.e.(more than o.o5$) for clicking 1 ad are usually scam 2.The ptc site which offers large no.of ads to view per day are also usually i suggest to never join these sites and never waste your valuable time clicking 50-100 ads a day 3.The ptc site which asks for some investment before joining a ptc site is also scam site 4.By myloters help i known that ptc sites which asks for some investment in terms of upgrading your account or for referrals before cashing out are also saty safe from these sites too 5.The most important tip i know is,in legit ptc sites it's very hard to earn money quickly as they offer small amount of money for viewing ads as well they offer only few ads to view per day,while scam sites offer lots of money and ads and its very easy earning in scam sites AT LAST I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST SOME OF THE RELIABLE AND PAYING PTC SITES I KNOW: 1.NEOBUX 2.CLIXSENSE 3.BUXP 4.CLIKSIA 5.DONKEY MAILS etc The above mentioned tips are just from my personal experience on earning with ptc sites,if you guys also have some valauble tips to know scam/legit ptc sites feel free to share!!!!THANKS!!!!!
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@marguicha (108777)
• Chile
7 Dec 11
I agree with you that all those sites are legit, but there are many more. All the ones you have named ( and a lot I could name too, Have in common that they are old sites. Wordlinx, Incentria and Linkgrand fall in that category too. I have been earning online with those sites for years and I trade links here (in private messages with my friends) so we both get free direct active referrals and we both gain.
• Malaysia
6 Dec 11
Even though, you gave reasons why you think this sites are legit, that does not mean they cant become scams anytime. Dont put your mind on them too much and have you been able to cash out from any of them.
@taomoney (649)
• Hong Kong
6 Dec 11
can you give me more tips? I suppose 0.01 is fair price? and 0.02 is too much for free member? and those 0.03 cents is too little?!
@anweshak (32)
• India
17 Dec 11
Thank you fot the in formation but could you tell me that is site is a scam website or a genuine website???? please i need your help.