Would You Mind Putting on Weight?

December 6, 2011 3:20am CST
Hi all, It sounds strange doesn't it? But you know, if we loose interest on daily excercise, this wouldn't sound that strange. It is always better to follow a healthy diet that would even compensate for our laziness as far as excercise is concerned. I have gone through such a period during which I could not manage to find any time for my regular walk and I ended up with an astonishing look at the weighing machine's needle after a month and half.
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6 Dec 11
I always feel as if I should get exercise. I have two kids though. So, in a way I'm always running around and on my feet when it comes to them. But, since them I had put on weight. Not a bad thing in my opinion though. Before I had kids I was actually underweight. I was 95 pounds at the age of 21. Not by choice. My body simply was that type. My sister is the same way. But, after two kids one right after the other I'm now 120 pounds. Actually a normal weight. So, I don't think that putting on weight is always such a bad thing. I went from unhealthy to healthy. :)
6 Dec 11
Hi, That is correct ,now you are not overweight. But if you do not take precautionary measures, sooner you would be on the other side.
6 Dec 11
At that I do agree. You can't just let yourself go. I have a 16 month old and a 3 month old. So, even though I don't have time for "traditional" exercise in the worlds terms. I do spend my days chasing a 16 month old. Running up and downstairs to make my kids food and bottles and clean diapers and clothes and am constantly in motion. Then when they nap I'm running around trying to get the days house work done. So, even though I'm not lifting weights or doing cardio or going for a daily run or walk I do belive that I do have a somewhat daily routine of exercise. It's the people that just sit around eating all day and just give up on their apperance. There is a difference. That' sjust not caring about your health or body.
6 Dec 11
I think to put on weight, we should do regular exercises besides healthy diet, because no motion means no consumption of energy and in this way it will be difficult to put on weight.
6 Dec 11
You said it. Daily work out is essential for any reason and we should religiously follow such a routine.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
7 Dec 11
I don't mind putting on weight as long as my healthy is not affected. In fact i want to put on some weight because I don't think I look healthy with my present weight. I look skinny and haggard but it's the ideal weight my doctor prescribed to me. I have some problems with my blood sugar so I have to maintain a certain level of weight gain.
@ShyBear88 (18930)
• United States
6 Dec 11
I don't mind putting on a few pounds Im skinny to being with so it wouldn't bother me at all.