What is the cause of her skin infection?

December 6, 2011 4:07am CST
Hi friends, I'm not comfortable with my current situation. It breaks my heart and makes me sad at the same time. My sister in law had developed some kind of skin infection which I have not seen and she claims that she was infected at my place. I seriously doubt that as my mum have always kept the house clean. Nowadays they - my sister in law and my brother, never drops by my place to visit my mother even though she had called them many times to come over. They even turn down her invitation for dinner. I tried to get in touch with my brother but every time I called, my sister in law is the one who will be answering. She even answers his hand phone. It has been weeks since I have spoken to him and he's not returning my calls either. I don't know whats got into him. I get the feeling that they are trying to break away from the family. My mother is not aware of this. She is not feeling very well lately and I think she wants to spend some time with my brother too. I know if I tell her the real situation ,its going to break her heart. Do you think I should tell her so that she won't get her hopes up?
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@EavesJ (95)
• United States
6 Dec 11
Sorry to hear of such bad news. I pray for your mom, that she gets well. Lets hope your siss and law isn't trying to keep you away from your bro. That would be a horrible thing to do. *hands you a hankerchif*
• Malaysia
7 Dec 11
Thank you for responding, Eaves! I guess I have to learn to live with this horrible fact. Appreciate the hanky.
@zhaozy (33)
• China
10 Dec 11
I think you should tell your mother,and then allow doctors to help identify the real cause of skin infections.