Continents on the earth may be approximately considered to be linked together

December 6, 2011 5:23am CST
I like geograpy very much and especially like to observe the map of the world when I'm free.As we all know,the seven continents on the earth was a whole land many years ago,with the movement of the plate and the drift of the lands(each land is a certain part of the whole land),the seven continents are gradually formed,and many of them are separated by the sea.However,I do find the links among these continents.And I would state them here: 1.Europe,Asia and Africa: Europe and Asia are actually linked together,and there is no sea which seperate them apart.Africa seems to be seperate from Asia by the Suez Canal,but the width of the canal,about 135 meters on average,is obviously much smaller than that of Asia or Africa.If we can build a bridge across the canal,we just link Asia and Africa together,the same goes for Europe and Africa,which is separated by the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and the Kingdom of Morocco,the narrowest of which is only 13km. 2.North America and South America: They are originally linked together,now seperated by the Panama Canal.However,like the Suez Canal,the width of the Panama Canal,about 150 to 300 meters,is much smaller than that of the North and South America,and if a bridge were built,the North and South America would be linked together again. 3.North America and Asia Most of us would think that North America and Asia are seperated by the Pacific Ocean and they are far away from each other.However,if you take a look at the Siberia plain in Russia,and go east until you reach the easternmost edge of Russia(on the map),you'll find Alaska lying next to you,and they are seperated by the Bering Strait,the narrowest width of which is only 85km,also much smaller than that of Asia and North America.Then we can approximately consider these two continents to be linked together.Although it may be difficult now to build a bridge or subsea tunnel,I believe it would not be long before humans have techniques advanced enough. As is stated above,we can now regard Europe,Asia,Africa,North America,South America as linked together.Now it comes to the Oceania.This continent is relatifvely isolated from the other continents.But if you take a look at Thailand and go south until you reach the southernmost edge of the land(on the map),you'll get to Singapore.Well,it's still very far from Australia.But you'll find Singapore next to Indonesia,then you go through the archipelagoes in Indonesia(on the map),each island of which are very near to each other,you'll come to the Indepent State of Papua New Guinea,and you'll find a place in the country very near to the northernmost edge of Australia,main part of the Oceania.Although in fact it's really difficult to build so many bridges or subsea tunnels to link all the islands together,we've linked the Oceania with Asia on the map. Here,most of the continents have been linked together.Antarctica is isolated on the south edge of the earth,but only a few people would go there.The nearest place to Antarctica on the above continents is Ushuaia,a small town in Argentina in the southernmost edge of South America. If the bridges or subsea tunnels can all be built,just imagine one day we can drive to another continent for a long-distance travel.It's obviously much slower than by plane,but think how much scenery you will enjoy on the way! Anyone is welcomed to point out the errors in my descrpition or discuss related questions with me!
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@dodoguy (1297)
• Australia
7 Dec 11
Hi wangexplore1259, Your idea is interesting, but perhaps not very practical for the time being, since so many different nations would have to agree to building the bridges and tunnels between them, and then someone would have to pay for them. It is interesting to consider all the continents and how they relate to each other. It is possible that all of the continents were once a single land mass, encompassing the entire planet without any oceans at all. An "expanding earth" theory to help account for this idea seems to be gaining attention: 1. [ ] 2. [ ] 3. [ ] If this "expanding earth" theory has substance, then perhaps it wouldn't be so sensible to build bridges and tunnels between all the continents, because they would get stretched and broken if the earth decided to "expand" again. Instead of bridges and tunnels, perhaps boats and planes would be a more reliable way to get between continents in the long run.
• China
7 Dec 11
Yeah,it's really difficult to build bridges and tunnels in so many countries,at least almost impossible in the 20 ro 30 years to come,just to state this as a good wish for all humans.I hope in the future people would be more free to travel in different countries,and in different continents.
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
7 Dec 11
Wow! Lots of information here! I also studied a bit about the earth and the continents during science class during my junior years in high school. I was shocked to learn that it was theorized that the continents were once connected into one super continent. Then, plate tectonic and lava split the big land mass into smaller pieces and the pieces broke into even smaller pieces which is now our 7 continents. Scientists have discovered similar fossils of animals in different continents, a possibility that one animal lived in two contents as the continents were once linked together. The geological features showed evidence of the continents splitting apart and drifting off into different directions. The land masses are still moving and I hear that Australia in like 50 years or more might clash with Asia as it is moving bit by bit. It's quite a scary thought though that we might clash together causing possible destruction to the land masses but only time will tell. But it is pretty amazing how evolution worked and how much the earth has changed so much of these years.
@Soniasony (1827)
• India
7 Dec 11
Being a free planet where everyone can travel anywhere they want easily is a very great idea .. but god has some intention in not doing so has to enjoy travelling and all that expansion that happened has actually made all people of all planet unique in their own way :)